ReCharge Puts the Power in Your Hands


With a customised rental solution designed to suit your needs and your budget.

Why ReCharge?

Because our high-end solar solutions are installed by trusted installers with proven credentials and expertise - we hand select the people we work with to ensure your peace of mind. No strangers, no cowboys, just accredited installers ensuring your solar system is installed perfectly.

ReCharge Supercharges Your Power With These Electric Benefits:


A Trusted and Accredited Installer

Your customised solar solution comes with someone you can trust. Evoltaze will handle your installation professionally and provide you with regular service and support.

Upgrade at Any Time

You can add extra solar panels and/or batteries to your system whenever you need them throughout your rental period. You can also extend your rental period with extra options if you want to supercharge your setup.

A Trusted Service Provider

ReCharge, financed and supported by Investec Bank, only uses accredited and certified installers and provides you with access to an exceptional technical support desk. Our support team continuously monitors your system so you always have peace of mind.

Budget-friendly Service and Solutions

Instead of paying hundreds of thousands of Rands for an outright system purchase, you pay a fixed monthly rental. You can even save on your monthly electricity bills.


Choose from our tailored packages:

There are multiple ReCharge packages available, using premium inverters, batteries and solar panels. These packages are flexible, allowing you to add/remove solar panels and betteries as your requirements change and evolve. Pricing available on request.

Bespoke solar packages are available.

If SSEG is required, ReCharge can add R175 (incl. VAT) per month to your rental or alternatively you can pay this upfront.


*All above recommended usage is available during 4 hours of continuous power interruption with the batteries fully charged.

We also offer the all-in-one SunSync Powerlynk backup solution available in two sizes

*All above recommended usage is available during 4 hours of continuous power interruption with the batteries fully charged.

It's Your Choice

Sign a five-year rental agreement with the following options at the end:

  • 30% rental reduction when signing a new five-year agreement, or;
  • New batteries when signing a new five-year agreement, or;
  • Continue renting on a month-to-month basis, or;
  • De-installation of the system if you choose not to renew
How it works
  • You select your package in consultation with your trusted installer
  • You scan your installer's QR code which directs you to the ReCharge rental application form
  • Supply the necessary information, get approved, sign up!
  • Pay your upfront admin fee
  • Set a date for your installation

Put the Power in Your Hands With ReCharge

Contact your accredited installer Andreas Fiehn on 084 300 4495 to arrange and appointment or click here to start your credit application process.