Air-Conditioning Services

With 20 years of experience in this field we able to deliver exceptional service in the sales and installations of inverter mid-wall splits, cassettes and ducted air-conditioning units.


We specialise in installations for:

  • Server rooms
  • Residential and
  • Commercial properties


We supply and install all makes of air conditioning units. We work with a wide variety of brands so therefore we can advise you on the units most suitable to your needs, application and price. We source all our products from reputable suppliers. 


We diagnose the air-conditioning unit to locate the problem. We then repair the issue and if necessary, we will source spare parts. 


It is important to keep your air conditioning unit well maintained for it to last a long time. A residential air conditioner should be serviced every 6-12 months whilst a commercial unit every 3-6 months.


We offer a maintenance plan to suit your needs and requirements in order to keep your unit on top form.


Major Service

  • Cleaning indoor coils
  • Cleaning outdoor coils
  • Servicing filters (wash)
  • Cleaning the barrel fan
  • Cleaning and testing drain lines
  • Checking all electrical connections
  • Testing Amp draws on all motors
  • Checking starting capabilities
  • Checking operation of and if necessary, adjusting the thermostats 
  • Checking all bearings
  • Check overall condition of the system
  • Attending to corrosion where evident
  • Giving a report back if necessary 

Same day service on emergency callouts

Areas Serviced: Greater Johannesburg and Pretoria